5G – the new Microwave Wifi System

that makes the internet faster

5G is coming to most of us in 2020 and we realize we need some protection. Being very sensitive myself for radiation, electrosmog and changes in the electromagnetic fields I know how important it is to stay balanced. Today,  with all the “smart” technology around us, it´s getting more difficult to stay balanced without the help and support of some nano-technical tools in our lives.

So I decided to present this brilliant new 5G BioShield USB Key for the protection of your home, your children and your beautiful family. It will help you and your whole family to stay fit and healthy, while you protect your immunsystem and your DNA. We have to take in consideration that 4G is becoming stronger too while 5G is being rolled out in many countries with incredible speed.

I recommend you to also choose some personal chips for your kid´s, to stick on their smartphones, laptops or game tablets, to keep them safe. The children are our gifts to the future of the planet and our most precious gifts. Many of our children born after 1990 are extremely sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies as their systems are more open, have a higher energy level and their grounding is not too good!


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The 5G-roll-out is very fast, as a huge amount of capital is behind it. So times have come to think about protection for yourself, your children and your loved ones.

5G House Protection

5G is coming in 2020, and we know we need some protection. So I decided to present the new 5G BioShield USB Key for the protection of your home, your children and your beautiful family. It will help you stay fit, healthy and with an intact immunsystem and DNA, as 4G is becoming stronger and 5G is being rolled out with incredible speed. This 5G BioShield USB Key is resulting from research of several decades in multiple countries. The active key operating radius shields and harmonizes a complete family home.

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5G Protection for you and your Children 

are you prepared for 2020?
In 2020 everything will begin to be “smart”. Smartphones, smart TV, smart fridge, smartmeters and more. For personal protection of yourself and your kids, I recommend the wearable Hologram nano-foil catalyzer, which can be attached to a smartphone or any other electromagnetic radiation emitting device.

The Hologram Nanolayer is a quantum holographic catalyzer technology for the harmonisation and balancing of harmful magneto-electric radiation. The nanolayer operating radius is about four meters.

Tesla Watches: Electrosmog Radiation Protection

The Swiss Tesla Energy watch sets new standards in energy medicine. It combines the latest findings of Tesla research with the high art of Swiss watchmaking. – The result is a first-class wristwatch with Nikola Tesla shield technology, ideal for young people and adults.

Tesla 4G & 5G Radiation Protection

the self-adhesive Tesla Crystalium Disks Ø 3.6 cm are attached to the back of smartphones, tablets, routers, ebook readers, smartmeters and laptops. The energy field of the Crystalium Disk harmonizes the radiation in our favour.


Tesla Watch

At the heart of the Tesla watches is a Tesla coil and the special Tesla® chip. This chip generates a positive, energetic field of higher order, which is in resonance with the Schumann field. The field thus generated strengthens the natural electromagnetic field of the human body.

In this way, the body protects itself from the negative effects of low-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF), the radiation of radio and mobile phones, computers and WiFi (electrosmog) that is everywhere today. The Tesla watch has been proven to increase vitality, improve concentration, increase inner peace, reduce stress, improve sleep and generally improve well-being. 5G Ready.


Tesla Electrosmog Harmonizer Disk

Application of the Tesla® Crystalium Disk 3.6cm:
Tesla Crystalium Disks are manufactured according to the original patent of Nikola Tesla. They are attached to the back of the device. The etheric energy field of the Tesla Crystalium Disk harmonizes the radiation in our favour.

Application areas:
– Smartphones (from 5″)
– Tablets
– Laptops / notebooks
– WLAN-enabled printers
– Ebook readers

Symbolism “Metatron’s Cube”:
Symbol of the higher order of the universe. Brings us into contact with the intelligence of the heart and our intuition. “Metatron’s Cube” contains the 5 Platonic bodies and promotes love, compassion and understanding.

Symbolism “Flower of Life”
Powerful symbol with a strongly ordering power. The flower of life is the matrix, the living pattern of creation, according to which the worlds of forms are built. It represents order and perfection.